Water Pump - 1HDT, HZ, 1PZ, 1HDFT Land Cruiser

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Water Pump - Toyota Land Cruiser 70 & 80 Series HDJ81, HZJ81, PZJ70, PZJ77, HZJ70, HZJ73, HZJ77 & other models - with the 1PZ, 1HZ, 1HDT or 1HDFT engines.

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This is a very high quality water pump with a metal impeller (the factory pump uses a plastic impeller).

Pro Tips: We recommend that you replace your water pump with each timing component (belt kit) replacement. The factory recommended interval for the belt and tensioner is 5 years/100,000Kms. In my experience with these engines, water pump reliability starts to drop off considerably in the 140,000 Km range - some last longer, some don't even last that long.

The most frequent cause of premature water pump failure is excessive belt tension. There is no warranty for this type of failure.

Water pump life is affected by factors such as coolant concentration and quality, belt tension, operating environment and engine hours. Replacing the pump at the same time you're doing the timing belt and components saves on duplicated labour as well. Use the Toyota factory service specifications when adjusting belt tension. 

Coolant concentration in the cooling system should be at no less than 50% coolant, and 50% distilled water. We suggest using a 60/40 concentration since when an engine is flushed with clear water to remove the old coolant, otherwise water that is left behind from flushing may reduce the effective concentration to below 50/50.

Coolant not only prevents overheating, it also provides lubrication for the water pump and has corrosion inhibitors in it to reduce internal engine corrosion and electrolysis as well as premature gasket failures (where gaskets are exposed to coolant -such as the cylinder head gasket).

Also, replace your rad cap at the same time... it's cheap insurance against overheating. You would not believe the number of original rad caps I have seen that are still on Land Cruisers from the 1970s and 1980s... that have long since stopped operating properly. An old, weak rad cap is the number 1 most common cause of overheating.

Toyota pn: 16100-19235

GMB, NPW, or Dayco - Made in Japan

May come in non-branded packaging from suppliers. All pumps are high quality aftermarket products with a zero failure rate to their design life.

Please pay attention to proper installation techniques and belt tension according to the Toyota service manual. Water pumps should be replaced at the same time as the timing belt components -  interval recommended is 100,000 kms or 5 years, whichever comes first.



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